Mikky Saunby

BA (Hons) Ceramics | 2016

Sigmund and Sinfjotli

Storytelling is a timeless method of learning, once relied upon in a world before we became so controlled and overseen. My work interprets primitive narratives taken from these cultural mythologies. But rather than read or listen to the evolution of a tale, a viewer is invited to enter into the narrative and become a part of the story for themselves.

Although traditionally a means of giving comfort, the use of two and three dimensional imagery creates layers of space that can be stepped into, pulling the viewer further into a tale. The use of physical ‘objects’ draws the imagination out from the protection of picture plane and into the ‘real’ world, giving it life and body.

It is a different side to storytelling, one in which a viewer becomes one more figure amongst the drawn and ceramic figures. The content of the work, in exploring the relationship between natural and supernatural, fantasy and fiction further causes the stories themselves shift and there is even greater fluidity between realities. And with each encounter, each movement around the work we experience the narrative anew, changing the tale and its meaning.